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Home Wine Tasting Parties: Three Theme Ideas To Keep It Fun

Wine drinkers are people of any gender, income and age group. The popularity of the beverage increases as more local wineries become established and develop their own unique blends. American wine is now known as being as high in quality as anything else produced in the world. Another reason for the popularity of wine is also its price. Many labels offer a delicious product and are very affordable. Despite its accessibility, popular events like wine tastings and wine and cheese parties still sometimes feel too elite for the casual oenophile. Here are three ways to hold an at-home wine event that will make every guest feel comfortable and relaxed enough to fully enjoy the evening. 

Do Some Comparisons

Purchase various qualities of wine and have a cheap versus fine wine blind taste test. See if the guests can guess which wine is the most expensive of each pair offered. Give a prize to the guest that has the most correct answers at the end of the night. 

Create Some Art

Have a paint and sip party at home. Supply each guest with everything they need to create a work of art, including an apron to catch any messes. Hire a local artist or art teacher to lead the class and have an array of wine available so everyone is able to choose their favorite. 

Make it International

Randomly assign each guest a country and have them bring a wine from that region. Consider choosing one of the top wine producing countries to make it easier for guests to locate a bottle from their assigned region. Prepare appetizers or desserts from each of the countries and serve them as each nation's wine is sampled. Have a vote at the end of the evening for the favorite selection and give a gift to the guest that brought the winning wine. 

Wine events are a wonderful way for everyone to discover something new. It is an event that is as enjoyable for serious connoisseur as well as wine novices. As long as the event is kept casual and lighthearted it is possible for all guests to enjoy the evening and learn a little more about the beverage without feeling out of place. Consider giving party favors to guests like a bottle of wine with a specially designed label commemorating the event. There are many companies that design custom wine bottle labels and some wineries even offer custom printed labels for their bottles for their clients. 

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