Cocktails And Drafts: Making The Most Of Your Bar

Tips For Storing Your Restaurant's Beer

If you are planning to open your first restaurant, serving beer can be an excellent way of attracting customers and ensuring that they spend as much as possible while in your establishment. Unfortunately, those that are new to owning restaurants can be unsure of the steps that should be followed to properly store beer. This can lead to situations where the beer prematurely spoils, which can lead to substantial amounts of lost revenue. In order to ensure your restaurant's beer supplies last as long as possible, there are several storage tips that you should follow:

Keep The Beer In An Area With Stable Temperatures

Exposure to drastically changing temperatures can be one of the most damaging mistakes that people will make. If the beer is exposed to extreme heat, cold or repeated rapid fluctuations in temperature, it can drastically alter the taste of the beer. As a result of this threat, you should avoid storing your beer near the kitchen or other areas where it will be exposed to drastic temperatures. The ideal temperature range for your beer will largely depend on the type of beer that is being stored. However, a beer distributor like Beverage  Barns will be able to provide storage guidelines for their clients.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

In addition to avoiding drastic temperature swings, you will also need to avoid placing the beer in direct sunlight. The sunlight can interact with the beer to cause it to develop a foul taste. While it is common for restaurants to use decorative beer cases, it may be necessary to tint the windows near the beer case so that the most intense sunlight is blocked.

Store Corked Beer Bottles Horizontally

High-end craft beers will often be served a bottle that is corked. Unfortunately, individuals will frequently make the mistake of storing corked beer vertically, and this can lead to some potential problems. In particular, this can lead to the cork drying out, which will cause it to be far more likely to split, flake or crack while it is being removed. By storing the beer horizontally, you can keep the cork moist, which will limit these issues.

Making sure that you are properly storing your restaurant's beer supplies will be necessary if you are to minimize your lost revenue due to spoilage. By appreciating the hazards that intense sunlight and drastic temperature changes can cause along with knowing the benefits of storing corked beer bottles horizontally, you can help your restaurant keep its beer supplies for as long as possible.

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